NJSRA Father's Day  Run -
June 15, 2008
NJSRA Club garage run to
Old Stillwater Garage - 2008
  .NJSRA Club Cruise to
the Boat House Restaurant
          June 21,2008
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Boy's Night Out - October - 2008
NJSRA Club Picnic - 2008
       Horseshoe Lake
.NJSRA Foliage Run   October 19, 2008
      Food Drive
  November 23, 2008
d Wheels of Time
   Macungie 2008
NJSRA first club "coffeebreak"
         December 6, 2008
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2009  NJSRA "Holiday Party"
        January 17, 2009
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  Thanks to Rob Leavy and his staff  at 
   Home Depot of  Parsippany,   for their
          contributions and support.
                  January 22, 2009
NJSRA "coffee break" April 4, 2009
Food Drive at Mount Olive A&P
               April 5, 2009
  Boy's Night Out
   April 16, 2009
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NJSRA-NSRA Inspection Day
     Old Stillwater Garage.
            May 9, 2009
NJSRA 2009 Charity Rod Run
          June 21, 2009
   2009 charity
valve cover races
2009 Charity Rod Run
      2009 Charity Show
presentation - July 29, 2009
NJSRA Annual Picnic- Septemer 20, 2009
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Stillwater Garage Run
     May 8, 2010
Wheels of Time Valve Cover Races                   August 28,2010.
Mt Olive A&P Food Drive hosted by North Jersey SRA
       and Our Gang Cruisers - April 10, 2011
  NJSRA Fathers' Day Charity Show.
               June 20, 2010
NJSRA Foliage tour
October 16, 2010
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York, Pa. June,2008
NJSRA Holiday dinner - 12/11/2010
Some of our members enjoying shade at the York Pa. Nationals, June 2011
Fathers' Day Charity Rod Run - Horseshoe Lake - Succasunna, NJ - June 19, 2011

NJSRA Annual Picnic - Sept. 18, 2011
NJSRA Christmas Party - Dec. 10, 2011
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Click on photo for more
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2012 Mount Olive A&P food drive
2012 Fathers' Day Charity Rod Run
Charity Run Presentation night
  2012 Recipient: Peter Hendershot
  Lyons VA Hospital Rod Run -              September 9, 2012
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2012 NJSRA Club Picnic
   September 16, 2012
NJSRA Christmas Party
  December 8, 2012
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Incoming president Tom Harvey presenting plaque to Bob Grimal for faithful and loyal service to NJSRA during his presidency..
Pizza party for 2014 recipient
Club breakfast at Kathy's Restaurant
2014 Fathers' Day Charity Event Show pictures
A hearty "thank you" to all the participants, donors, and guests that helped make this beautiful day an event to remember. See you next year!
Please scroll down to the bottom of the page for the pictures of the                           2014 Charity Rod Run for 2014.
2014    June 15th

From set up the day before, during the event,  including cleanup, NJSRA members worked like a well-oiled machine.
Members know or soon learn tasks that need to be accomplished to insure a successful annual event.
Special vendors, booths, and conveniences are set up to insure a safe, special day for our friends.
The valve cover race track is an item of special interest to the young participants and observers.
Specialty cars and vehicles are on display for all to admire and enjoy.
Many friends are made on this day and we are grateful for the beautiful weather.
To the last one standing!
Thank you for your support!
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2014 Presentation night