The initial formation of the
North Jersey Street Rod Association
cannot be pinpointed to a specific date, but rather a more general era – the late sixties.
Since it started as an informal gathering of friends who had a common interest in hot rods, there is little in the way of documentation upon which to base any specific date.
There is some documentation, however, indicating that the organization’s name had been adopted and that the club was conducting organized activities in 1969.

In any event, the organization was formally incorporated in New Jersey as a nonprofit organization in 1975 “to promote the interests of the members as owners of street rods and to provide social occasions and events where the common interests of the members could be enjoyed together.” Over the years total membership has varied between approximately twenty-five and seventy-five members.

The club has conducted a varied number of events such as:
rod runs, charity events, garage runs and swap meets.
The members travel to events conducted by other local clubs as well as
regional and national meets to display their  cars.
Additionally, the club annually conducts a number of events and activities
just for their own members.

Monthly meetings are open to individuals who share the common interests of the
membership – namely the building, operation and maintenance of street rods.
Membership is limited  to individuals owning a pre-1972 bodied car and can only be attained by having one’s name  placed in nomination by currently active members and by being subsequently approved by the membership.
All members are required to maintain an active membership in the
National Street Rod Association.


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